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As an armed uniformed volunteer law enforcement auxiliary, the Arizona Rangers can provide additional manpower at the request of any federal, state, county, or local law enforcement authority.

All Arizona Rangers undergo a state and national background check and investigation, must hold a current Arizona Concealed Weapon (CCW) Permit and complete the Arizona Ranger Training Academy (ARTA). Rangers are certified to carry collapsible batons and meet Arizona POST qualification standards in firearms. They also receive Arizona POST training in handcuffing and defensive tactics.  Arizona Rangers may undertake specialized training by and for an agency that requires special duty assistance for which that specific training is given.

Important Information: Rangers work in pairs or with an officer from your department. Each Ranger is armed with a primary and secondary weapon. For more information please check the Arizona Rangers State Website:

  • Law Enforcement Duties: Patrol, Second Man in Car, DUI Checkpoints and Traffic Control

  • Court Duties: Security

  • Disaster Assistance: Wild Fire Assistance

  • Search and Rescue: Foot Patrol Available

  • School Assistance: SRO

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