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The Beginning

      In 1901, the Arizona Rangers were organized to protect the Arizona Territory from outlaws and rustlers. The group was made up of regular men who wanted to protect their families and communities. In 1909, the Arizona Rangers had achieved their goals and were disbanded by the territorial governor.

      In 1957, a few original Territorial Rangers and their families re-established the organization. The Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, all-volunteer, law enforcement assistance organization. Their goal to work with different law enforcement agencies within their communities in order to help protect and serve.


The Present

     The Arizona Rangers Madera Company was approved at the State Meeting in July 2012. Officially chartered July 14, 2012, the eight new Madera Company Rangers were sworn in on August 2, 2012.

     Currently, Madera Company has 18 active members. Their goal is still the same today, to help protect and serve their community by assisting local law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Arizona. 


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