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Do I have the right attitude?
The modern-day Arizona Rangers provide a unique opportunity for you to be a part of a historic organization while giving back to the community. Arizona Rangers, by nature are humble, come prepared, are well trained and are always willing to help.


Am I fit for the duties performed by the Arizona Rangers?
Duties as an Arizona Ranger vary greatly.  Rangers are often asked to assist law enforcement agencies on various duties that may require Rangers to perform walking patrols of an assigned area or facility. You will be wearing full duty gear in the sun during the Arizona summer or during inclement weather. Arizona Rangers must be prepared to act as trained to control whatever situation is presented to them, be it with, presence, a listening ear, or physical contact.


Do I have the time?
Arizona Rangers are expected to attend monthly company meetings and meet monthly duty hour minimums. Expect to spend at least 8 hours a month on Ranger activities and meetings.


Can I afford it?
As an all-volunteer organization, individuals who join the Arizona Rangers receive no monetary compensations or reimbursements for their service. Rangers provide their own uniforms, duty gear, weapons, and ammunition. They are responsible for their own transportation to duty locations anywhere in the State as well as monthly company dues.


How to get involved

The following is a summary of the minimum requirements for admission into the Arizona Rangers. Requirements beyond those indicated below will be identified during the recruitment and probationary periods.

  • Be at least 21 years of age with no criminal history

  • Reside in Arizona for at least six (6) months of the calendar year

  • Hold a valid Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) permit

  • Sincerely subscribe to the mission and objectives of the Arizona Rangers

  • Successful completion of a background check and oral board

  • Meet physical fitness requirements

  • Successfully graduate from the Arizona Ranger Training Academy (ARTA)

If you are interested in volunteering your time to assist law enforcement agencies as well as serve your community and can answer yes to these questions, we encourage you to learn more about what it takes to become an Arizona Ranger by filling out the form below or contact our Recruiter Sgt Steve Lathen at 208-596-1694 or email at

Become a Ranger!

Are you interested in becoming a Ranger? Contact us to get more information!

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