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Captain CJ Gaecke

Position: Company Commander                                               Rank: Captain                                                                Years as a Ranger: 3
Additional Duties: Duty Sergeant                                             Previous Positions Held: Training Sgt.
                                  Public Relations                                                                                       MSgt
                                  Law Enforcement
                                  Field Training Officer
                                  Ranger Master
                                  Public Point of Contact
Awards: 2019 Company Rookie of the Year                           Decorations/Pins: Veteran Service Pin for honorable service in the  
                2020 Company Ranger of the Year                                                                        Us Armed Forces
ilitary/Law Enforcement: Retired SMSgt. United States Air Force


Position: Executive Office                                                            Rank: Lieutenant                                                        Years as a Ranger: 
Additional Duties:
 Treasure                                                        Previous Positions Held:

Lt. Steve Lewis

Position: Internal Affairs Officer                                                  Rank: Lieutenant                                                         Years as a Ranger:
Additional Duties:                                                                            Previous Positons Held:

Lt. Mike Cochran

Sgt. Gary Karlsrud

MSgt. Michael Norvelle

Sgt. Robert Scirica

Position:  Quartermaster Sgt                                                 Rank: Sergeant                                                 Time as a Ranger: 3 months

Steven Lathen is a new member who joined the Madera Company back in October of 2022.  He is the Director of Student Services at a local School District, as well as coaches the flag football team for the school.  He has 4 children who are very active in different afterschool activities.  His wife also works at the school as the librarian and is also a volleyball coach.  Steven enjoys many outdoor activities, such as hunting, riding horses and target shooting.  Steven is also a member of the Optimist Club.  Giving back to the community is extremely important to him and this is one of the many reasons he joined the Az Rangers.  

Sgt. Steven Lathen

Rng. Roger Latimer

Sgt. Robert Mayer

Maj. Anita Korhonen

Rng. Robert Downer

Lt. George Grove

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